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January 21, 2015
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February 23, 2015
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Winter assembly honors Millie’s Princess Foundation, senior athletes

By Olivia Fletcher

On Friday, January 23, 2015, our assembly wrapped up our fundraiser for Millie’s Princess Foundation with student body officers fulfilling their wild pledges and the school honored senior athletes for their college commitments. 

The assembly featured the pledges made by individual student body officers and grade-level officers. Pledges made by the student body officers included, but weren’t limited to, getting bad spray tans, waxing a chest, eating a live worm, shaving a head like an old man, and sitting in a bath of ice water and salt for the duration of the pledges. Some pledges — like having to crawl around like a baby for a day and wearing a dog cone for three days  — were set to begin on Monday, Jan. 26.

We raised $30,000 for Millie’s Princess Foundation and a check was presented to the three families we raised the money for after the pledges of the student body officers were all fulfilled.

To conclude the assembly, we learned where our athletes will be attending college. Students plays sports ranging from soccer to volleyball and football will be playing all over from Utah and Montana to Southern California.

The announcement everyone was waiting for was where star linebacker Osa Masina would be attending. Masina chose the University of Southern California. he finished the announcements by thanking his family, best friends, our Brighton student section, and our principal.

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