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January 5, 2013
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June 28, 2013
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Utah Girl with Cancer Who Met Justin Bieber Passes Away

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — A young girl with cancer who made headlines after her family successfully campaigned for a meeting with Justin Bieber has died.

Millie Flamm died Tuesday morning after three and a half years of chemotherapy, according to a post by family members on YouTube. The family created a video to capture “her sweet spirit and how much our family loves each other.”

“She is our hero and words cannot express how much we will miss you,” the post said. “We are grateful to know that she is in Heaven and that we will see her again.”

Millie first got attention in January, when a family friend started a campaign to get pop star Justin Bieber to meet the 7-year-old. The family had planned to attend Bieber’s Salt Lake City concert later that month, but Millie was too sick.

“She fought tears; she was sad,” her father, Brady Flamm, told at the time. “We had to sell the tickets.”

The social media campaign was successful, and Millie got to meet with Bieber before his Jan. 5 concert. The singer sang “Baby,” Millie’s favorite song, held her hand and kissed her cheek.

“Justin Bieber is my favorite singer and I love, love, love him,” Millie said after meeting him.

The Flamm family is holding a run on June 29 in Millie’s honor. For more information,

“We hope it grows every year and becomes a legacy to our brave girl,” the YouTube post said.


Stephanie Grimes – KSL


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