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UPNext Music Group Performs “Fight Song” for Annika

This is Millie’s friend Olivia (the one in the middle of both pics).

Olivia has a beautiful voice and loves to use it for good. Last year, she released a song dedicated to Millie.

While filming “Dance With Me” Olivia met Annika. When she found out that Annika had relapsed again, she rallied her friends from the UPNext Music Group to send her a message. The result is this video for “Fight Song”


Dear Annika- Surprise! We heard Fight song is your favorite song, and we want you to know that we are fighting WITH you. You are not alone and YOU CAN DO THIS!

We wanted to make this video to help you along your journey- we hope it brings you a smile. We also want to bring awareness to your type of cancer (neuroblastoma), and give people an outlet to help you. For those wanting to help Annika, please donate on the link found at Millie Princess Foundation

‘Fight Song’ is a surprise music video made for Warrior Princess Annika. Annikas First Diagnosis was at 10 weeks old, she is now 5 years old. This upcoming year, Annika will be flying to NYC for treatment, where she will have access to the best doctors. She will need to fly to NYC at least 15 times this year, which is very expensive.

Annika participated in the music video “Dance with me” by Olivia Swinton a few years ago, which was made for their good friend Millie Flamm who earned her angle wings from cancer. After hearing of Annikas fourth relapse, UPNext Music Group (which is owned by Olivia’s mum) decided to spend their school holiday program, making a group music video for Annika.

We love this video and the support it shows!! What an amazing gift!

If you would like to donate to Annika, you may do so by simply clicking the button below:

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