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June 18, 2013
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November 1, 2013
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Princess Millie Teaches Others to Love Even after Death

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The little Utah girl, who met Justin Bieber last winter, passed away just a week ago after three valiant years of fighting cancer. Now her family is teaching each of us about their daughter’s legacy and the fight against childhood cancer.Millie Flamm, a happy girl with stunning eyes and a huge personality, never gave up on living a happy life.

Millie’s father Brady explained, “She was a little girl with a plan, she always was.”

This little girl was also a fighter, battling leukemia for three years.

Unfortunately last week, leukemia won.

Brady said, “We knew for six months the likelihood of her making it were very low.”

Since the Flamm family knew their time with Miss Millie was coming to an end, they spent every minute making memories. Memories their family will cherish forever.

Brady said, “We are so grateful we had so much time with her and did whatever we could to have fun with her.”

While the past three years have been trying for the Flamm family, Miss Millie’s dad will be the first to tell you they have never seen so much love.

Brady said, “It was a horrible experience for her and our whole family, but it was also the very best thing that could happen to us.”

Even though Millie is gone, she continues to teach her life lesson to each of us.

Brady said, “She would always say the grass is greener on our side, even if we have leukemia. She was a very happy kid.”

This weekend Millie’s family and friends will run the Millie’s 5K Princess Run to raise money for two families fighting childhood cancer.  More information on how you can join in and donate to the cause can be found through the link on this page.

One of Millie’s dreams was to be a fashion designer.  A local clothing company has used some of her pictures as designs on clothes, for more information on that CLICK HERE.

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