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November 1, 2013
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Meet Rae!

Today we are introducing Raenalynn, a little beauty who is battling a rare brain cancer tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Rae was 3 years old when diagnosed with this tumor that’s 100% terminal. She has had 30 radiation treatments over a span of 6 weeks and is on a trial chemotherapy. Currently she is in her 7th of 12 cycles of the chemo, and she has had 4 MRIs–the one after radiation showed the tumor shrank 47%! And every MRI since has shown the tumor is thankfully stable.
Rae is now 7 months post diagnosis and she and her family are taking it day by day. Over the last half a year of going through treatment and procedures, Raenalynn has continuously smiled that sweet, contagious smile. 🙂 Always inspiring others with her fighting spirit, “RAE IS MY HERO,” is worn on shirts and bracelets by so many that love her. And the number one person who looks up to her as his hero is her little brother, Xander. The family says that sweet, little 2 year old keeps their family’s life balanced. And they are in it together, to support and love each other through it all!
Raenalynn is a strong girl with a beautiful heart! She has been lifted and loved by so many, and the future support given means the world to her and her family. Thank you all for reading Rae’s story, your positive thoughts, prayers, and support are appreciated more than you know!
^^ Some of Rae’s empty or leftover medication bottles, before her mom disposed of them. It’s heartbreaking to see how much these little ones have to take. ^^
^^ Raenalynn’s sweet artistic work on the right. ^^
^^ Raenalynn and her sweet mom. Rae received and gave so much love at “Rae’s Royal Ball” this summer. ^^
^^ Little Xander, Rae’s brother, proudly wearing his “Rae is my HERO” shirt! ^^
Let’s help make this Christmas and New Year for Raenalynn and her family, the best yet! We appreciate each and every donation made in her name–financial relief for a family dealing with medical bills means more than words can say. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Holidays everyone!!

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