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March 1, 2014
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Making Dreams Come True





We are honored to be a part of a new and exciting project, Anything Can Be.  It has been a magical experience! It is everything that Millie’s Princess Foundation stands for.  Jon, a lawyer by day and photographer by night, brings the dreams of children fighting cancer into their very own masterpiece.

The photos bring an incredible amount of hope to the child being featured in the image, as they are transcended into their imagination. Whatever their dream may be, Jon creates it. It’s magic. These images are also incredibly uplifting to anyone and everyone that sees them. They take you from your reality and allow your mind to drift into a wonderland.

This project also raises an immense amount of awareness to the world of childhood cancer, something that is desperately needed. These children are overlooked in the cancer world and now they will be presented in a beautiful, and powerful way for the world to see. Millie never wanted to be thought of as sick, instead she wanted to show the world that she can dream and live to the fullest. That is just what this book is going to do, show cancer children as kids.  Millie would be in love with this project.

In the end this book will also help many families in need financially as most of the proceeds will be coming to Millie’s Princess Foundation, and helping those that are struggling financially.

Deseret News just did a story on this project, and we made the cover! You can read it here .

You can follow the project’s progression on facebook at Anything Can Be

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