2016 NIMA birthday bash
2016 NIMA Birthday Bash
June 29, 2016
The 2nd Annual #AlexisStrong Fundraiser
August 12, 2016
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2016 Princess Millie Dress from Persnickety Clothing

princess millie persnickety dress

Persnickety Clothing helped Millie achieve her dream of being a fashion designer.

persnickety clothing princess millie outfit

They designed a dress with Millie’s best friend, Cami, the next year. The proceeds from that dress were donated to our foundation. Those funds were used to help Princess Phoebe’s family.

Persnickety Millie Dress

This year, they have designed a new dress for the Princess Millie collection. Proceeds from this dress will go to Princess Livvi, who is fighting leukemia.

mya collage


You can order this year’s Millie dress here.

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